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"Planted not Buried" Print

"Planted not Buried" Print

from 30.00

“Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted”

Poster print on premium luster photo paper


"16” X 20”
18” X 24”

(Sold unframed)

*Mockup credit: RawPixel

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The sunflower series draws inspiration from my own soul searching. I created these self portraits right before my 23rd birthday when all the struggles of being a 20-something was hitting me hard- the unmet expectations , the dream chasing, the uncertainty, the beauty, the pain….  I took a moment to breathe and feel every bit of it. I headed to a sunflower field, stood in Georgia heat in front of everyone and owned it. Before,  I felt lost in the sea of similarity but in that moment, I was anchored in knowing that there is only one me, and that is my power.  I belong here.