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How do I Replace a Sky in Photoshop?


Sometimes a sky replacement is neccessary for skies that are completely blown out and can’t be recovered. This option is an easy fix or a creative license to the artist to take any photo to the next level. Read below to find out how to take your photo to the next level.


  1. Select the QUICK SELECTION TOOL to select the subject by dragging your mouse while holding down. Do this while pressing the MINUS SIGN to delete unwanted areas from your selection

  2. Save the selection by going to the SELECT TAB, and SAVE SELECTION at the bottom of the menu. Name the selection if you wish and hit OK.

  3. Go to SELECT TAB again and hit DESELECT 

  4. Google a sky you want to replace your current sky and drag the saved file over top of your image in photoshop

  5. Adjust the borders on the image before pressing enter to finalize the placement

  6. Go to the SELECT TAB, then LOAD SELECTION, and choose your selection from the drop down menu. Hit OK.

  7. Then hit the LAYER MASK button in the menu in the LAYERS section to cut out the subject

  8.  Colorgrade your new sky to match the subject 

  9.  Done :)


My advice to you is to make sure your subject and sky are blended properly with the selection and color grading. To get a really clean selection, while you’re using your QUICK SELECTION TOOL, hit the Q BUTTON and this will turn the selection area red. Use your BRUSH TOOL to paint with white/black on 100% OPACITY and 80% HARDNESS to clean up the edges of your selections.

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Sony a7 camera with canon 70-200mm 2.8 L lens 

MC-11 Sigma adapter 


Natural Light


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