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How do I create a Photoshop Action for Frequency Separation?


Improve your workflow by using photoshop actions to glide through your editing process. A Photoshop action is essentially Photoshop recording the commands you give it and replaying them on command. Automating actions come in handy when you want to reduce the reptition of go-to techniques you reach for often. Keep reading to find out how to make editing easier. 


  1. Go to the WINDOW TAB at the top of the screen on Photoshop’s menu panel

  2.  Select ACTIONS from the drop box menu

  3. In the dialogue box that opened, press the CREATE A NEW ACTION button (looks like a page)

  4. Name the action, and organize it as you wish with a category or shortcut key

  5. Press the RECORD buttom (look like a red circle) to begin recording

  6. Set up Frequency Separation (I’ll link the separate post on this topic below)

  7. Then press the STOP button, (the square next to the RECORD button)

  8. Delete the layers then in the ACTIONS window list, click on the action you’ve just created and press play to check if it’s recored properly

  9. Done :) Use this technique for any methods you find yourself using often to speed up workflow 

My advice for this is to record actions of your common techniques so you don’t have to repeat yourself. Want more quick and easy content like this? Check out, @symoneseven instagram or Symone Seven Youtube Channel 


Sony a7 camera with Sony 85mm f/1.8 lens

Neewer RT-16 trigger 


Neweeer monolight on a c stand

46”  octabox at 2 o'clock above her

gold reflector under her bust 


Photo: @symoneseven

Model: @empressfusion_