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How do I fix overexposed photos in Photoshop?


Sometimes the prettiest blue skies white out whenever we press the shutter. Or overcast weather days seem bleek on the LCD screen. Though annoying, this problem is an easy fix if’s not completely blown out and there’s details left on the camera’s raw file. There is a remedy to that as well but that’s another post! Read below to find out how to fix ovexposed photos in Adobe’s Camera Raw.


  1. Open the raw file in ADOBE CAMERA RAW (this happens automatically when you open a raw file in Photoshop) 

  2. Turn down the HIGHLIGHTS and WHITES slider in the main menu

  3. Go to the COLOR tab at the top of the slider menu, and turn down the LUMINANCE tab on the BLUES

  4. Finish color grading your image. I like to always lighten my SHADOWS slider to bring back details to the subject. 

My biggest tip for this is to try to prevent this from occuring in camera . You can always underexpose by turning up your aperture (your f-stop controls the background) then brightening your subject in photoshop or by exposing for the sky and adding an external flash to properly light your subject while exposing for the background.

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Nikon d3200 with 35mm 1.8 lens


Natural light with no modifiers on an overcast day


Photo: @symoneseven

Model: @nappybuthappy

Makeup: Petina Dennis