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How to fix a lash that’s falling off in Photoshop?


Makeup malfunctions are all too common that come up when retouching. We don’t always have the luxury of having a professional makeup artist on set to keep an eye out for those types of things. As photographers, sometimes we have to play MUA in Photoshop. Here is a quick fix video on how to get those fallen false lashes into place! 


  1. Use the QUICK SELECTION TOOL to select the lash that’s not falling off (and the surrounding skin) by clicking and dragging over it.

  2. Press COMMAND C to copy the selection and COMMAND V to paste it

  3. While it’s still selected, go to the EDIT tab at the top of the screeen, select TRANSFORM near the bottom of the menu, then FLIP HORIZONTAL to redirect the lash in the right position

  4. Click the lash selection and place in over top of the fallen lash 

  5. Apply a layer Mask to this selection by pressing the LAYER MASK BUTTON in the LAYER potion at the bottom,

  6. Invert the layer mask by pressing COMMAND I 

  7. Use your BRUSH TOOL on a high opacity and semi hardness to paint WHITE to reveal the new lash you placed

  8. Blend the selection seamlessly ito the photo. Paint with BLACK on the layer mask to erase any unwanted areas.

This issue is obviously best fixed during the shoot but sometimes we’re moving too fast. I do suggest however while you’re shooting to get in a habit of every so often zooming in on the eye in the playback photo to avoid issues like this and to check your focus.  

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Photo: @simplyjayybee

Edit Fix: @symoneseven