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How do I get flawless skin texture using frequency separation?


Fake it until you make it, that’s the way of Photoshop. Watch this photoshop tutorial on my secret to flawless skin texture using frequency separation . This technique comes in handy for situations when you may not have the time to retouch in detail or if the texture is just too difficult to handle. 


  1. Set up Frequency Separation in Adobe Photoshop. See my previous posts on how to do so. 

  2. Turn off the TEXTURE LAYER Visibility (the eye icon next to the layer’s name)

  3. Select the MIXER BRUSH TOOL and adjust all settings to 26%. Use the brush to paint over the uneven skin tone areas using the OPTION button to select a sample to cover it. Paint on a new blank layer only that’s placed beneath the TEXTURE LAYER. 

  4. Then turn on the TEXTURE LAYER Visibility by clicking in the place of where the eye icon was.

  5. With the TEXTURE LAYER selected, take the ERASER TOOL on a low opacity/flow and lightly erase the existing skin texture.

  6. Once you’re done, select the the DIGITAL SKIN TEXTURE adjustment that’s located under the Frequency Separation tab in the RETOUCH ACADEMY BEAUTY PANEL.

  7. Paint over the entire exposed skin areas with the BRUSH TOOL on a medium low opacity/fill on the layer’s mask. Build up the effect by painting with WHITE and erase by painting with BLACK.

This trick can be used for specialized areas or large areas like I demonstrated. You can also the Digital Skin Texture adjustment to brush on texture to areas that lacked skin texture in the first place due to shooting soft or a slight missed focus.

Want more retouching advice like this? Check out my other posts on, my instagram @symoneseven or my self titled youtube channel. Check below to find the link of the long form video I have on this subject.

Link to the Retouching Academy’s Beauty Panel (v.2):


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