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How do I fix a backdrop in photoshop? (3 Fixes Inside!)


      Seamless backdrops can be a photographer’s best friend or greatest enemy. We must know how to work with them to coexist with them in peace. In this blog post, I’m addressing the biggest problems I run into when shooting on seamless. Read below to find out how to fix your backdrops in post!

Problem #1: How do I fix a backdrop that’s too short?

Solution: Use the Mixer brush to extend the color? 

Problem #2: How do I remove unwanted shadows from the backdrop?

Solution: Add a fill layer to the background to cover the shadows

Problem #3: How do I clean a dirty backdrop?
Solution: Add a noise layer to remove the dirt

Watch this one minute tutorial to find out how to clean a background quickly

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Edit: @symoneseven 

Photo: @tsphotodesigns 

Models: @wondrea @alexusrackley @nedrraphillips

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