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How do I remove shadows in Photoshop?


     Sometimes clouds on a sunny day isn’t so bad! Especially when you have harsh midday shadows all over your subject during a photo session. Instead of trashing an otherwise good shot, here’s my way of making it picture perfect using frequency separation.


  1. Identify the issue to pinpoint where to start and stop editing. (Tip: Decide ahead of time what needs editing to avoid going overboard.) 

  2. Remove all big blemishes before setting up Frequency Separation with the healing brush tool

  3. Set up Frequency Separation (I have many a few videos and posts on how to do it and even record a Photoshop action for it. Check those resources out on or my self entitled YouTube Channel)

  4. Turn off the TEXTURE LAYER visibility (click the eye icon next to the layer’s label)

  5. Create a blank layer below the TEXTURE LAYER (keyboard shortcut COMMAND/CONTROL J) to begin painting over the shadow to remove it.

  6. Using the MIXER BRUSH TOOL with all settings on 26% paint over the shadow by sampling a clean area and going over the shadow. (Tip: Work your way from the edges to the center of the shadow and sample often)

  7. Once you’re about done, turn on the TEXTURE LAYER to check how it looks as a whole picture and go back and refine if necessary. 

  8. Once you’re satisfied with the shadow removal, go in and finish editing the texture that’s left over. (Tip: Typically shadows leave a hard edge embedded in the texture layer so be on the watch out for that. )

  9. In this video, I’m erasing the texture with the ERASER TOOL and then painting it back on with the BRUSH TOOL on a DIGITAL SKIN TEXTURE layer mask adjustment from the Retouch Academy Beauty Panel.

  10. An alternative to this method would be clone stamp tool, healing brush or dodge and burn to remove unwanted texture from the photo. 

Want more tips on editing like this? Check out my other posts on, my instagram @symoneseven or my self titled youtube channel.


Photographer: @followrwjr

Retoucher: @symoneseven

Client: @ms_nique_80 & the queens

Designer: @nedraphillips