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How do I retouch makeup in Photoshop?


After watching this video, go ahead and put Makeup Artist in your Instagram Bio. I promise you’ll feel like an artist on another level once you learn how to fix any makeup mishap. Tune in to find out how I fix makeup in photoshop.


  1. Create a layer copy with the keyboard shortcut COMMAND J 

  2. Press COMMAND + to zoom in on the photo (COMMAND - to zoom out)

  3. Lash Gap Fix:  Use the QUICK SELECTION TOOL to select the whole eye, copy and paste it (COMMAND C followed  by COMMAND V), click on it to activate the MOVE TOOL and drag the border down to cover the gap, erase the excess eye with the ERASE TOOL, and then use the BURN TOOL with 10% on the SHADOWS settings on the lash line to darken it.

  4. Patchy Brow Fix: Use the BRUSH TOOL on a semi-hardness and 15% opacity and tiny size, sample the brow hairs color with OPTION and paint in the eyebrow hairs that are missing

  5. Under Eye fix: Select the under eye area, copy and paste it (COMMAND C and COMMAND V), click and drag it into place to cover the creases, click the LAYER MASK BUTTON to create a layer mask, invert the mask with COMMAND I shortcut, and use BRUSH TOOL to paint with WHITE to cover the crease.

  6. Dodge and burn the eyeshadow to intense the look (tutorial linked below)

My advice to retouching makeup is to pay attention to detail. It’s better to make many ittle tweaks that add up to make a difference, than to make huge changes that look unnatural. 

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 Nikon d7200 with kit lens of 18-55mm f/3.5

Neewer RT-16 trigger 


Neweeer monolight on a c stand

46”  octabox at 2 o'clock above her


Model: @krissy2prissy