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How can I make hair longer in photoshop?


A part of photo magic is creating the fantasy. We can do anything we imagine in the world of Photoshop. Sometimes I like to add extra glamour to my beauty shots by making the hair bigger and longer. Keep reading to find out how!


  1. Create a new background layer copy with keyboard shortcut COMMAND J

  2. Clean up the flyaways with the CLONE STAMP TOOL on DARK blend mode. Paint over them on 80% opacity  and a soft brush setting

  3. Use the SPOT HEALING TOOL to remove the out of place hairs on the curls by clicking over the stray hairs

  4. Use the QUICK SELECTION TOOL to select the area of your choice to replicate

  5. Copy and the paste the selection with keyboard shortcuts COMMAND C then COMMAND V

  6. Click and drag the selection into place and with the ERASE tool remove the excess to blend into the existing hair

  7. Dodge and burn the hair to add dimension (link below on how I use dodge and burn)

My advice is to use your eraser wisely to blend the extension with the existing hair. You can make a layer mask (the button is next to the new layer button) and use your brush tool to erase and replace the hair. If you just want to give the hair more volume, you can do so with the LIQUIFY filter (Filter tab > Liquify)  and HAND TOOL. 

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Neweeer monolight on a c stand

46”  octabox at 2 o'clock above her

White reflector under her bust 


Photo: @symoneseven

Model: @emilylareina