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How can I edit makeup in photoshop?


This is an all inclusive guide to fixing some of the most common issues I run across when retouching makeup. In this overview, get a glimpse of how I fix the most complicated problems simply and efficiently. 


  1. Create a layer copy with the keyboard shortcut COMMAND J 

  2. Press COMMAND + to zoom in on the photo (COMMAND - to zoom out)

  3. Lash Gap Fix:  Use the QUICK SELECTION TOOL to select the whole eye, copy and paste it (COMMAND C followed  by COMMAND V), click on it to activate the MOVE TOOL and drag the border down to cover the gap, erase the excess eye with the ERASE TOOL, and then use the BURN TOOL with 10% on the SHADOWS settings on the lash line to darken it.

  4. Thick Brows Fix: Go to the FILTER TAB at the top of the screen on Photoshop’s menu panel. Then use the HAND TOOL to push and pull the eyebrows into place.

  5. Blotchy Foundation Fix: Setup Frequency Separation and click lightly go over the face with the MIXER BRUSH (on all 26% settings) sampling everytime you move to a new area,

  6. Under Eye Crease Fix: While still on Frequency separation, choose the CLONE STAMP TOOL (on 100% all settings and a tiny size) and sample a clean area with OPTION, and click to cover the crease.

My advice as a photographer is to network with local talented  makeup artists and build a rapport with them. This way you can build a referral list to send to your clients to ensure you have makeup on set that doesn’t require so much time in post. It’s also a win win because those makeup artists will also recommend clients to you and help with portfolio shoots if the relationship beneficial for all. 

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Photo by @chadflucas

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