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How do I remove dark marks in photoshop?


     Our flaws are beauty marks. They can add character and context to our story. But sometimes, we have to remove them from the picture to focus on the bigger picture. I found a nondestructive way to do this is to clean up my blemishes before I do more intense techniques like frequency separation or dodge/burn. I recommend using this on acne stars, hyperpigmentation marks, unwanted moles, facial hair, stray eyebrow hairs, etc.


  1. Inspect the skin and decide which blemishes are necessary to remove. My tip is to not zoom in too closely and decide where to stop before you start to above going to far.

  2. Select the CLONE STAMP TOOL, and change the blend mode to LIGHTEN and set the opacity/flow around 30-40% high.

  3. Go over the blemishes by picking a clean skin sample with CLICK + OPTION and covering up the dark mark by clicking over it a couple times.

  4. Watch the mark fade before your eyes.

  5. Repeat until you’re satisified.

The biggest difference this technique makes is the blend mode on LIGHTEN. With the setting being on that mode, it only targets change to the dark pixels leaving the normal colored pixels alone. This allows you to only remove what you don’t want!

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Sony a7 camera with sony 85mm 1.8 lens

Pocket Wizard


One alien bee B800 strobe lights on c stands

One 46” octabox slightly above her head at 7 o clock

White reflector under bust