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How do I fill in nails in photoshop?


 How to fill nails in less than a minute in photoshop! This video isn’t sped up, it’s in real time to show how quick and easy it is! Of course we want to get it right in camera, but sometimes as a photographer you have no choice but to work with what you have. Here is the fastest way to retouch outgrown nails in photoshop.

Steps to filling in nails:

  1. Create a new layer copy using the keyboard shortcut COMMAND J

  2. Click on the Clone Stamp tool to sample desired areas using OPTION and paint over undesired areas such as chips or outgrown nail beds. 

  3. Sample from a little above the problem area and click and drag it over top. For your brush hardness, put it semi-hard with 70% hardness.

  4. Repeat it on every finger necessary.

  5. Done.


Equipment set up:

Nikon d7200 with 55-200mm f/3.5

Neewer RT-16 trigger 


Neweeer monolight on a c stand

46”  octabox at 2 o'clock above her

White reflector under her bust 



Model: @miakapree