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How can I extend a background in Photoshop?


It’s nothing worse than having on a fly outfit, the luck of a good baby hair day, sorting through 50,000 bad angles until you find the perfect moment, then you get ready to post it on the gram and what happens? It. just. doesn’t. Fit. You know what’s worse? Spending hours retouching you clients photos, sacrificing dates and family time, only for your client to send them back because the photos just aren’t easy to share. I avoid all of the above but trying to be mindful to give  my model some breathing room when composing and always cropping the photos into instagram ratios.

Here are the aspect ratios to be mindful for instagram:

1:1 is for a square photo

4:5 is a full sizes photo

9:16 is an instagram story photo 

Now here’s how to resize a photo for instagram by extending the background:

  1. Import your photo into photoshop

  2. Press the crop tool

  3. Select one of the three instagram acceptable ratios by choosing from the menu options or typing it in. Personally, I keep my ratio on 4:5 because full size photos are harder to scroll past. 

  4. Click and drag the photo into the position of your choice

  5. Begin dragging the ends of the crop tool square to get the right about of body into the frame.

  6. Press Enter to finalize the crop, an you’ll see your photo with colored bars where the empty space is.

  7. Press the square selection tool to create a selection of the left side of your photo and drag from top to bottom

  8. Press COMMAND C  to copy the selection 

  9. Press COMMAND V to paste the selection into a blank layer

  10. Click on the selection to activate the MOVE TOOL

  11. Drag the transformation control squares that are outlining the selection, and drag one end over the empty space to extend the background.

  12. Hit the checkmark up top to finalize the selection. You will not be able to do anything in photoshop until you do. 

  13. Repeat steps #7-12 on the other side

  14. Post on Instagram and tag me @symoneseven if you use this trick! 


Sony a7 camera with Sony Fe 85 1.8mm lens

Neewer RT-16 trigger 


Two Alien Bee strobe lights

Key light with a big 72" octabox at 2 o'clock above her

The other light behind her pointing at the back wall wall and her back


Model: Tiffany