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How do I edit a white background in Photoshop?


 I remember when I was a new photographer trying to shoot on white and I learned to fake it before I learned how to properly light white in the studio. So learn from my mistakes, put some lights on your background separately on your subject. But if you don’t and need to fix it, Watch me clean up a white background from one of my oldest fashion photos

Steps to cleaning and whitening a white background:

  1. Create a new Layer with keyboard shortcut COMMAND J

  2. Then use the SPOT HEALING brush to click and drag over and imperfections 

  3. To get rid of a shadow, I use a QUICK SELECTION TOOL outline the body. To erase, you can hold down OPTION - while you maneuver your mouse. 

  4. Then inverse my selection by going to THE SELECT TAB then going to the INVERSE option. 

  5. Now create a new blank layer by clicking the page icon below your BACKGROUND LAYER

  6. Use the BRUSH TOOL to paint over the shadow on a opacity and hardness below 30%

  7. Turn down the layer opacity if necessary

  8. Go to the SELECTIVE COLOR adjustment layer and turn down the blacks under the WHITES color option in the drop down menu.

  9. Done


Nikon d7200 with kit lens of 18-55mm f/3.5

Neewer RT-16 trigger 


Neweeer monolight on a c stand

46”  octabox at 2 o'clock above her


Model: @krissy2prissy