Symone Seven


Re·sil·ience /rəˈzilyəns/

1 : the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens

Part 1: Survival  (Noose)

Diamonds and seeds both dwell in the dirt; One is extracted and one is inserted, but neither stays there. They both must rise above the dirt to get their true value. She came from the land of diamonds and crops. She found familiar in dirt being thrown on her. She understood that the dirt used as an insult to her value was only proof of it. They knew not what they did. But she knew who she was. She was only buried to rise.

Part 2: Choice  (Cotton)

She had always been ruled by the orders of others, whether it was Masta or Momma, Papa or Pastor. She just did, she never thought. She never questioned God. But as the pain between her legs throbbed like the thumping thing in her ribcage, she demanded to know why. She thought there were things that God wasn’t supposed to let happen. She wept for herself. She mourned for the life she never knew she had. She never thought of life until she had to fight for it. She thought that since Death didn’t come so maybe she ought to start living.

Photo/Director/Author: Symone Seven

Designer/Director: London Ruffin

Model: SaCoya Jackson

Hair: Harriette Saneaka

Makeup: Asli Jackson

Stylist: Crystal Deloach