Symone Seven

Juvia's Place Art


This collection is my homage I’m paying to the black owned beauty brand, Juvia’s Place. I was so inspired that a brand dared to not only cater cosmetics to women of color but to represent their customers on their products. This was a bold move to put brown women in the forefront in an industry that often leaves us behind. More times than not, there were only three “dark shades” and the darkest was always three shades too light for me. Or an eyeshadow palette full of pinks and taupes that turned to dust on my lids. What kind of message does it send when you shop for makeup and there’s nothing for you? That “you don’t belong here” or “you don’t exist.” As a dark skin woman myself, I felt seen by this brand. Juvia’s Place acknowledged me as a queen, not a token. After so many years of wearing too light of a foundation, applying the same three eyeshadow colors, and spending way too much money to do so.

I’m so pleased that times have changed. I’m so proud of all the disenfranchised women online who weren’t afraid to use their voice and all the brands like JP who dared to answer their call to action. I had to show my gratitude in the best way I knew how.

Thank you Juvia’s Place